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Eames lounge chair = class

Apparently wearing a tight black dress and strappy sandals and sitting on a Eames Lounge chair equals class or at least business class (whatever that means). The internet and phone company Alice usually advertises using this one beautiful woman with flowing hair on a white background.  Now, as a upgrade the same woman is featured with smooth hair on a black background with the famous Eames lounge chair and ottoman. Just to note: the Eames lounge chair and Ottoman will definitely not fit into the business class section of a commercial airplane. On the one hand I am kind of excited that the Eames lounge chair signifies class but on the other hand I find it a bit disturbing. Especially the black version (which is kind of out right now, I would say) is so damn masculine and class definitely does not equal masculinity.

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Computer Aided Fashion Design


CAFD at Kunsthochschule Weissensee, originally uploaded by silencetape.

Ok, so first of all – they wouldn’t tell me what kind of software they were using, those protective little students at the exhibit in the foyer of the Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin. But I think it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. I think they used something like Softimage or Rhino to model the garments and then a Pepakura like program to flatten things out and break everything into 2D shapes. Then maybe a little editing in a drawing program or maybe even a patternmaking program. Breaking things down into polygons seems the way to model because, as we all know, fabric comes in almost 2D sheets and patternmaking for fashion is done on a 2D basis. You can try to drape some polygons around a 3D body and voila! your own computer aided design. Of course, as all young architects know, the laser cutter is a super helpful tool and now it seems like some of these students finally discovered it too… Computer drape, flatten, adjust some seamlines, cut, sew. It’s that easy! I wonder why nobody used some boning in their garments – boning is the stuff they usually put in corsets to keep stuff in shape and I think you could use it beautifully to create some rockin’ 3D outfits. Nonetheless a nice excursion. Good job.

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Frenchies looking good in tight soccer jerseys

Ireland France 13, originally uploaded by G Fox.

I randomly started watching the France – Ireland soccer play-off game last night and was excited to see the French equipe wearing tight, tight long sleeve Adidas shirts with reinforcements going across the back. The Irish in their baggy Umbro shirts lost on both the athletic front as well as the style front…

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La Roux “Bulletproof” video analysis

Back by popular demand* another video analysis!

I have to admit that this video is a little harder to dissect than my previously covered Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo’s “Knock You Down” video. Here is a list of references I noticed and some of my thoughts:

Bucky Fuller geometrical studies updated to look 21st Century are pretty cute.

Modrian painting inspired Yves Saint Laurent jacket on La Roux looks crazy in this 3D Computer Graphics world.

The black and white Tetris-like world of Autocad – I am only missing a few dashed lines and some sweet plotter like font and I am back in an early 3D wiremesh world OR Autocad 2010.

El Lissitzky and Malevich also make appearance. I think El Lissitzky would have loved this video. The artwork changes and interacts with the viewer and the simple relationship between work of art and viewer becomes reciprocal as viewer activates the art. In this case there is no viewer, just La Roux strutting through the scenery and stirring things up, but still…

I also like the little 90 degree tilt where La Roux leans up against a wall and the world is reoriented. The people who did this video definitely knew what they were doing and exploited the abilities of 3D software to create a solid video that embodies the inherent settings, capabilities and limitations of 3D software while retaining a playful attitude. Nice!

* popular demand is hereby defined as my sister’s opinion, but we all know how important that opinion is!

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Peculiar chubby white visitor


This cat scared me a little bit but I was still able to make eye contact. It felt like she had something very important to say to me.


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Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo “knock you down” video analysis

Besides being a fun dance song the corresponding video has a few great/weird things to offer. Here is my best-of analysis:

Kanye as a painter, who would have thought? Ok, so he is painting a monochromatic square pixelated version of Keri with bangs, WITHOUT THE HELP OF A COMPUTER. What? This is just a tad bit to far-fetched for me. You pixelate someone, you use photoshop, not your artistic brain. Please.

Black and white driving gloves on Keri = awesome.

Grey peep-toe booties on Keri give a little edge, especially when she proceeds to step on Kanye’s toes, ouch. He falls over and breaks into millions of little pieces.

What’s up with the “leverage” tattoo on Ne-Yo. In order to make a statement about the financial crisis I would prefer it if it said “tranche”. Slicing and dicing instead of leveraging would also go better with the whole ‘breaking down’ theme.

Kanye in a Canadian Tuxedo, aka jean jacket with jeans. Nice black gloves. Kanye in a beat up leather jacket, all good.

Here is a tally of the consistency problems I noticed: Breaking down is fine, as long as you break into geometrical parts. However, the square pixelation of the Keri painting, the rock like disintegration of Kanye, the triangular and fractal and octagonal jewelery on Keri, the houndsthooth background behind Keri are just a tad too much. My advice would be to stick to one shape and break everything apart in the same way. Just imagine how much more sense it would make!

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